André's Pencil Complete Relic Restoration Set - Le Crayon André


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Product Description

Any serious detectorist who needs a safe way to safely clean soft metals, like bronze or copper, will appreciate this restoration set. This set of four "pencils" is a great addition to your cleaning toolbox. The set includes two hard point pencils, a steel wool brush pencil and a brass scalpel.

The hard points are ideal for removing hard dirt crust. The brush pencil is ideal for those final touches, checking your progress, or even cleaning a soft layer of dirt off of a coin.

Be careful when using the set to clean copper, which is the most sensitive metal.

Don't use these pencils on metals like silver or gold. The hard points can be sharpened with a normal pencil sharpener.

Manufacturer Instructions

  • The two hard point pencils should be used in circular motions. Start gently and then figure what amount of pressure is appropriate.
  • Favor dry cleaning as water may harm coins and their patina.
  • The hard point pencils are absolutely great to get rid of a concrete like dirt crust.
  • You may alternate between using the hard tips and the brush pencil. This last pencil will help you check on your progress and can be used to finish the process.
  • The use of brass scalpel is pretty self-explanatory. It should be used at the very beginning of a cleaning session if the crust proves to be very hard. You should stop using it before you actually reach the surface of the coin.
  • DO NOT get the ends of the brush pencil wet! It would rust.
  • The steel-wool brush is great with coppers/nickels that do have a little dirt to take off. Used gently, it can prove very efficient.


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    Le Crayon à André
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    Complete set of Andre's pencils are fantastic for coins and relics. This set of 4 pencils is a great addition to your cleaning toolbox.
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