Nokta Makro Security Lanyard (PulseDive)


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Product Description

It's ironic that a security lanyard would get lost, but it does happen. That's why Nokta/Makro makes a replacement lanyard for the Pulsedive, its patented 2-in-1 scuba detector and pointer device innovation, designed to turn the detector into a pointer, and vice versa. Like the original security lanyard, included in the factory packed accessory kit that came with the pulse induction Pulsedive, the replacement features an expandable coil stretching between a J-hook with split key ring at one end and a D-ring clip hook at the other. Like all replacement accessories Nokta/Makro makes, the security lanyard comes with a two year manufacturer's warranty.


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    The Nokta Makro Security Lanyard is an expandable coil to keep your Pulsdive scuba detector close. Ideal if you lost the original lanyard.
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